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Making life Better Fighting Against Gastro Intestinal Diseases
- Euro Gastro Congress 2018


Euro Gastro Congress 2018

3rd International Conference on Gastroenterology was organized on November 20-21,2018 at the Mercure Roma West Hotel, Rome, Italy. The conference was marked with the attendance of Editorial Board Members of supported Allied Academies Journals, Scientists, young and brilliant researchers and talented student communities representing more than 10 countries, who made this conference fruitful and productive.

This conference was based on the Theme - " Making life Better Fighting Against Gastro Intestinal Diseases” which included the following scientific tracks:
• Esophageal disease
• Gastric Ulcer
• Gastrointestinal surgery
• Gastrointestinal enzymes and their importance
• Gastrointestinal infections
• Paediatric- Neonatal Gastroenterology and nutrition
• Gastro intestinal cancer
• Diagnostic tools for gastric disturbances
• Late propel treatment in Gastroenterology
• Gastrointestinal diseases amid pregnancy and lactation
• Gastroenterological Transplantation
• Gastrointestinal pharmaceuticals
• Gastrointestinal medical procedure
• Gastrointestinal pathology
• Neurogastroenterology
• Role of electrogastogram in gastroenterology
• Gastroparesis
• Gastrointestinal radiology
• Gastric Nutrition

Euro Gastro Congress 2018 was moderated by Enas Al Alawi  (Algarhoud Private Hospital, Unites Arab Emirates) and Sabreen Al Zamil (Sabreen Al Zamil clinic, Kuwait).

We are grateful to our Organizing Committee Members for their generous support and suggestions for the conference.
• Jose Luis Mosso– University of Panamericana,Mexico
• Ifthikar Ahmed –University of Southampton,UK

The conference proceeded through various Scientific Sessions and plenary lectures, of which the following topics were highlighted as Keynote Presentations and oral presentation:
Title: Mobile computing devices for laparoscopic training education: Jose Luis Mosso, Universidad Panamericana, Mexico

Title: The genetics-epigenetics chronologies and hierarchies in colon cancer: Manuel Perucho, Institute Germans Trias I Pujol (IGTP), Spain

Scientific sessions were chaired by Manuel Perucho, Institute Germans Trias I Pujol (IGTP), Spain

Allied Academies has taken the grand privilege of felicitating Euro Gastro Congress 2018 Organizing Committee, Editorial Board Members and Keynote Speakers who supported the success of this event.

The esteemed guests, Keynote speakers, well-known researchers, and delegates shared their innovative research and vast experience through their presentations at the podium of Euro Gastro  Congress 2018. We are glad to inform that all accepted abstracts for the conference have been published in the Journal of Systems Biology and Proteome Research as a special issue.

We are also obliged to various delegate experts, company representatives and other eminent personalities who supported the conference by facilitating active discussion forums. We sincerely thank the Organizing Committee Members for their gracious presence, support, and assistance. With the unique and positive feedback from the conference, Allied Academies would like to announce the commencement of the “4th International Conference on  Gastroenterology and Hepatology  " which is being organized during March 25-26,2019 at Amsterdam,Netherlands

About conference

Euro Gastro Congress 2018 is the best platform with its well organized scientific program to the audience which includes symposiums, workshops, keynote lectures, plenary talks, panel discussions and poster sessions on latest research and technological developments in the arena as well as therapeutic aspects. The conference invites Gastroenterologists, Hepatologists, Internists, Physicians, Microbiologists, Virologists, Pathologists, Oncologists, Surgeons and Toxicologists, Researchers, Students, Business delegates and Young researchers across the globe.World-renowned speakers with their ultimate talks on the most recent techniques, tactics, and the Avant grade technologies in gastrointestinal therapeutics are the hallmarks of this gastroenterology conference.

Scope of the Conference:

Euro Gastro Congress 2018 provides a great platform by gathering eminent professors, Researchers, Students and delegates to exchange new ideas.  The conference will cover a wide range of topics and allow participants to discuss about the management of Gastrointestinal, liver, pancreatic diseases. Euro Gastro congress2018   consists of keynote and plenary lectures, special sessions (Workshop and Symposium), Young Researcher Forum and Poster presentations. Best poster presenters will be judged and awarded during the conference  

Conference Highlights:

·         Esophageal disease

·         Gastric Ulcer

·         Gastrointestinal surgery

·         Gastrointestinal enzymes and their importance

·         Gastrointestinal infections

·         Paediatric- Neonatal Gastroenterology and nutrition

·         Gastro intestinal cancer

·         Diagnostic tools for gastric disturbances

·         Late propel treatment in Gastroenterology

·         Gastrointestinal diseases amid pregnancy and lactation

·         Gastroenterological Transplantation

·         Gastrointestinal pharmaceuticals

·         Gastrointestinal medical procedure

·         Gastrointestinal pathology

·         Neurogastroenterology

·         Role of electrogastogram in gastroenterology

·         Gastroparesis

·         Gastrointestinal radiology 

·         Gastric Nutrition

·         Hepatology

Target Audience:

·         Gastroenterologists

·         Surgeons

·         Popular Researchers and Scholars

·         Academic Educators

·         Students

·         Business Entrepreneurs

·         Delegates

·         Software developing companies

·         Associations Manufacturing Medical Devices

Welcome message


Allied Academies heartily invites you to the most esteemed  3rd International Conference on Euro Gastroenterology from November 12-13, in Rome, Italy
Euro Gastro Congress 2018 is clearing a worldwide stage by pulling in 2500+ Gastroenterologists, Hepatologists, Surgeons going from Researchers, Academicians and Business experts, who are working in this expert zone from everywhere throughout the world. We warmly welcome all the famous analysts, understudies, Nurses and delegates to participate in this up and coming Euro Gastro Congress 2018 occasion to witness significant logical dialogues and add to the future developments in the field of Gastroenterology.

Allied Academies Publication is a union of several esteemed academic and scientific associations known for promoting scientific spirit. Allied Academies organizes Euro Gastroenterology congress along with 300+ Conferences across USA, Europe and Asia every year with support from 1000 more scientific societies and Publishes 400+ Open access journals which contain over 30000 renowned personalities as editorial board member


Session 1: Esophageal disease
The Esophagus is the strong tube that conveys nourishment, and fluids from your mouth to the stomach. You may not know about your throat until the point that you swallow something too vast, excessively hot, or excessively cool. You may likewise see it when something isn't right. You may feel torment or experience difficulty gulping. The most well-known issue with the esophagus is GERD (gastro esophageal reflux ailment). With GERD, a muscle toward the finish of your throat does not close legitimately. This permits stomach substance to spill back, or reflux, into the throat and aggravate it. After some time, GERD can make harm the throat. Different issues incorporate indigestion, disease, and esophagitis. Specialists may utilize different tests to make a conclusion. These incorporate imaging tests, an upper endoscopy, and a biopsy 
The accompanyings are extra sicknesses and conditions that influence the throat:  
•  Esophageal atresia and tracheoesophageal  fistula 
•  Hyper contractile peristalsis 
•  Mallory- Weisstear 
•  Gastro oesophagal reflux disease ( GERD) 
•  Eosinophilic Esophagitis ( EoE) 
•  Peptic stricture 
•  Oesophagal web 
•  Diffuse Esophageal Spasm 
•  Dysphagia lusoria

Related Societies and associations: World Gastroenterology Organisation | The National Pancreas Foundation | European Association for the Study of the Liver (EASL) | North American Society for Paediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology, and Nutrition | The American Gastroenterological Association                                                                                   
Session 2: Gastric ulcer
Peptic ulcer is a break in the coating of the stomach, initial segment of the small digestive system or the lower throat. A stomach ulcer is known as a gastric ulcer and ulcer in upper piece of digestive system is duodenal ulcer. The most widely recognized inconveniences of a duodenal ulcer are waking around evening time with upper stomach torment that enhances admission of nourishment. Quiet with a Gastric ulcer may have torment with eating. The torment is frequently said as a consuming. Different side effects incorporate burping, retching, weight reduction, or poor craving. 
These are for the most part caused by various elements like 
•  Helicobacter pylori ( H pylori ) 
•  Usage of various medications like headache medicine, ibuprofen, and other drugs
•  Smoking 
•  Consumption of liquor 
•  Radiation treatment 
Side effects: consuming stomach torment from navel to chest , changes in hunger, sickness, dim stools , heartburn , spewing 
Treatment: Proton pump inhibitors, and numerous corrosive blockers like Ranitidine( zantac) , or Famotidine ( Pepcid) and furthermore once in a while sucralfate (carafate) is utilized

Bargains fundamentally with the stomach and gastro-intestinal tract. A general master oversees central focal point of life structures, immunology, concentrated care, absorption, neoplasia, sustenance, pathology, physiology, paralyze and recovery, and wound recovering. A general expert is known to manage the investigation of a condition, trailed by the pre-agent, agent, and the post-agent mind, including complexities amid medical procedure and post-medical procedure. 
•  Colorectal medical procedure 
•  Endocrine medical procedure 
•  Laparoscopic medical procedure 
•  Careful oncology 
•  Injury medical procedure 
•  Transplant medical procedure 
•  Vascular medical procedure 

The stomach related framework is extremely convoluted yet vital to comprehend from a medicinal viewpoint. Is this framework import for nourishment as well as for invulnerability. The human body is one outstanding complex and to see how every framework functions is critical. Proteins are substances delivered by a living being that goes about as an impetus to achieve a particular biochemical response.There are catalysts in each piece of your assimilation framework and all have a particular capacity. We should make a situation
Here are some digestive enzymes in the mouth, stomach, small intestine and pancreatic enzymes
•  Ptyalin
•  Amylase
•  Betaine
•  Bromelain
•  Pepsin
•  Gastric amylase
•  Gastric lipase 
•  Pepsin enzyme 
•  Renin enzyme 
•  Secretin 
•  Sucrase 
•  Isomaltase 
•  Chymotripsin 
•  Carboxypeptidase
•  Elastases 
•  Steapsin 
•  Phospholipase 

Gastrointestinal contaminations are viral, bacterial or parasitic diseases that reason gastroenteritis, an irritation of the gastrointestinal tract including both the stomach and the small digestive system. Side effects incorporate loose bowels, spewing, and stomach torment. Parchedness is the primary peril of gastrointestinal contaminations, so rehydration is vital, yet most gastrointestinal diseases are self-constrained and resolve inside a couple of days. In any case, in a human services setting and in particular populaces (babies/newborn children, immuno compromized patients or elderly populaces), they are possibly genuine. Fast finding, suitable treatment and contamination control measures are in this way especially imperative in these specific situations.Gastro intestinal contaminations can be caused by different and large number of microorganisms 
•  Adenovirus
•  Camphybacter
•  Clostriodium difficle 
•   Helicobacter pylori 
•   Rotavirus 
•   Salmonella and Shigella 
•   Staphylococcus aureus 
•   Yersinia enterocolitica 

Pediatric gastroenterologists treat youngsters from the new conceived period through the high schooler years. Children are creating and have wonderful remedial needs. They can't by and large answer restorative request and are not by and large prepared to be tolerant and accommodating. Pediatric gastroenterologists know how to break down and treat adolescents in a way that makes them easygoing and pleasant. Pediatric gastroenterologists center around ties outstanding to pediatric patients, including enhancement, improvement, physical and energetic progression, and age-related gregarious issues. The point of the investigation of pediatric gastroenterology is to decrease newborn child and tyke rate of passings, control the spread of irresistible sickness, advance sound ways of life for a long infection free life and help facilitate the issues of kids and youths.Different types of drugs are been used in the treatment of gastroenteritis for paediatrics namely : 
•   Rotavirus vaccine (RotaTeq, Rotarix)
•   Metronidazole
•   Doxycycline 
•   Nitazoxanide 
•   Tetracycline
•   Ondansetron 
•   Metoclopramide
•   Dimenhydrinate   

Gastrointestinal growth alludes to threatening states of the gastrointestinal tract (GI tract) and embellishment organs of processing, including the throat, stomach, biliary framework, pancreas, small digestive system, internal organ, rectum and butt. The side effects identify with the organ influenced and can incorporate hindrance (prompting trouble gulping or pooing), unusual draining or other related issues. The determination regularly requires endoscopy, trailed by biopsy of suspicious tissue. The treatment relies upon the area of the tumor, and in addition the sort of disease cell and whether it has attacked different tissues or spread somewhere else. These variables additionally decide the forecast.
•  Gastrointestinal carcinoid tumor 
•  Pancreatic cancer 
•  Gall bladder cancer 
•  Anal cancer 
•  Liver cancer 
•  Stomach cancer 
•  Esophageal cancer 

The kind of indicative test and treatment you get will rely upon your individual case. Our gastroenterologists can give a scope of tests and treatments to analyse, stage and treat growths of the stomach related framework, including 
•   Colonoscope
•   Enteroscope
•   Flexible and Rigid Sigmoidoscope
•   Balloon dilator
•   Endoscopic snare
•   Sengstaken-Blakemore tube
•   APC unit
•   PEG tube
•   Menghini needle
•   Heater probe 
•   Band ligator
•   Savary-Gilliard dilator
•   Colonoscopy
•   Endoscopic ultrasounds( EUS) 
•   Endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP) 
•   Fiducial markers
•   Jejunostomy tube (J-tube)

Probiotics are being used with increasing recurrence as a treatment for a few medicinal conditions,  Probiotics are used as a treatment for an assortment of gastrointestinal issue. The use of anti-infection treatment spreads to ascend because of collections of proof of help in both essential and optional treatment procedures for gastrointestinal malady and in gastrointestinal complexities, for example, draining and ulceration. These risks might be additionally advanced by the utilization of other adjunctive solutions and are mainly used to treat 
•  Hypersensitive sicknesses
•  Bacterial ailments 
•  Renal maladies
•  Renal malignancy
•  Urinary tract diseases
•  Repugnance of dental caries/respiratory contamination

Pregnant ladies are more helpless against contaminations, which regularly causes intricacies in their pregnancies. Febrile ailment alongside intense intestinal diseases may sometimes cause unnatural birth cycle ,  untimely work, Certain contaminations have been accounted for to have caused unnatural birth cycle; in any case, there is no solid proof of basic gastrointestinal issue to cause unsuccessful labor or untimely work. On the off chance that the contamination advances to a basic stage, the hatchling is at high hazard from both the disease and furthermore the consequent treatment and anti-infection agents. Listeriosis is one such contamination that can specifically hurt the hatchling, as the living being can straightforwardly cross the placenta because of its intracellular lifecycle and is deadly to the neonate. There are such organisms that can make extreme ailment 
•  E. coli
•  Clostridium difficile
•  Cholera
•  Cryptosporidium spp
•  Giardia lamblia
•  Entamoeba spp
All in all pregnant ladies are defenseless to obstruction, looseness of the bowels, fecal incontinence, and hemorrhoids because of different auxiliary, hormonal and way of life changes amid pregnancy. 

The transplantation is a noteworthy medical procedure, thus the calm must be under observatory and post-transplantation. A large portion of the circumstances, the difficulties rise after the task, where the body starts expelling the join or the organ. The intricacies on the off chance that any can be examined through hematological or imaging tests. Liver transplantation is a medical procedure to empty the tainted or hurt liver and transplant it with a sum current strong liver or a piece of the liver from another/solid person, who is called as a contributor. People with extreme or ingrained liver dissatisfaction encounter a liver transplant to survive
•  liver
•  Pancreas
•  Throat
•  Minimal stomach related framework
•  Colon 

Basically, the market for gastrointestinal diagnostics, testing and antibodies is divided into three general fragments. Diffrent types of drugs are been used to treat different diseases like gastric disturbances,ulcers, heartburn, hepatitis,cancers,diarrohea,diverticulitis,appendicitis, gastritis
•   Antacids.- Aluminum hydroxide, magnesium hydroxide, Calcium carbonate
•   Proton Pump Inhibitors- Omeprazole (Prilosec) Lansoprazole (Prevacid)
•   Histamine2 Blockers -Cimetidine (Tagamet) Ranitidine hydrochloride (Zantac)
•   Promotility Agents -Metoclopramide (Reglan).

Gastrointestinal medical procedure incorporates two claims to fame of general medical procedure1) upper gastrointestinal medical procedure 2)colorectal medical procedure. GI medical procedure incorporates the examination and treatment of different careful infections of the stomach related tract from the throat to the rectum, and careful ailments of the stomach related tract from the throat to the rectum, and careful sicknesses of the liver, biliary channels and pancreas. Gastrointestinal medical procedure is subjected to treat couple of standard malignancies
•   Stomach, 
•   Pancreatic 
•   Colonic tumors,
•   Couple of diseases not requiring medical procedure

Gastrointestinal pathology (counting liver, gallbladder and pancreas) is a perceived sub-forte teach of careful pathology. Acknowledgment of a sub-claim to fame is for the most part identified with devoted association preparing offered inside the subspecialty or, then again, to careful pathologists with an uncommon intrigue and broad involvement in gastrointestinal pathology. The most understood finding is done through endoscopy. 
•   Radiology 
•   Imaging and checking 
•   Hematological tests 
•   Endoscopy

Neurogastroenterology helps in the understanding of the components of the parasympathetic, attentive, and enteric divisions of the gastrointestinal tract. Neurons are accessible on each surface of our body. It is a result of these neurons that we feel, and can do of the consider and programmed exercises. So additionally, neurons are similarly found on the gastrointestinal surfaces. It is a result of these neurons that we can swallow the sustenance, and which is then taken to the particular organs for their working, which in this way is again composed by the cerebrum. The peristalsis, which is the symmetrical compressions and relaxations of the muscles found in the smooth muscles all through the stomach related tract, moves the sustenance substance all through the stomach related framework. The division is the narrowing in the smooth muscles that assistants in the beating of the intestinal juices to make ring for maintenance is in like manner arranged by the nerve inspirations. The release of the intestinal juices and impetuses is overseen by the cholinergic neurons that are accessible in the stomach related dividers. 
•   Parasympathetic division 
•   Insightful division 
•   Enteric division 
•   Peristaltic reflex

An electrogastrogram is utilized when there is a doubt that the muscles of the stomach or the nerves controlling those muscles are not working typically. Typically this doubt emerges when there is an issue with repetitive sickness and regurgitating, signs that the stomach isn't discharging nourishment ordinarily. In the event that the electrogastrogram is unusual, it affirms that the issue most likely is with the stomach's muscles or the nerves that control the muscles. The electrogastrogram can be viewed as a trial strategy since its correct part in the finding of infections of the stomach has not been characterized yet.Motility of GI tract comes about because of facilitated compressions of smooth muscle, which thus get from two essential examples of electrical action over the films of smooth muscle cells—moderate waves and activity potentials. Slow waves are started by pacemakers—the interstitial cells of Cajal (ICC). Moderate wave recurrence changes in the diverse organs of the GI tract and is trademark for that organ.
They set the most extreme recurrence at which the muscle can contract 
•  Stomach – around 3 waves in a moment
•  Duodenum – around 12 waves in a moment
•  Jejunum – around 11 waves in a minute
•  Ileum – around 8 waves in a moment
•  Rectum – around 17 waves in a minute

Session 17: Gastroparesis
Gastroparesis implies the shortcoming of the muscles of the stomach. Gastroparesis brings about poor pounding of sustenance in the stomach into little particles and moderate exhausting of nourishment from the stomach into the small digestive system. The Strong sustenance that has been gulped is put away in the stomach while it is ground into minor pieces by the consistent agitating produced by cadenced constrictions of the stomach's muscles. Littler particles are processed preferable in the small digestive system over bigger particles, and just sustenance that has been ground into little particles is purged from the stomach and very much processed. Fluid sustenance does not require crushing. The ground strong and fluid sustenance is exhausted from the stomach into the small digestive tract gradually in a metered mold. The metering procedure permits the discharged sustenance to be very much blended with the stomach related juices of the small digestive tract, pancreas, and liver (bile) and to be retained well from the digestive system. The metering procedure by which strong and fluid substances are discharged from the stomach is a consequence of a blend of unwinding of the muscle in parts of the stomach intended to oblige (store) nourishment, and the weight produced by the muscle in different parts of the stomach that pushes the nourishment into the small digestive system  
The reasons for gastroparesis can include
•   Uncontrolled diabetes 
•   Gastric medical procedure with damage to the vagus nerve 
•   Different sclerosis 

Radiology should be possible from numerous points of view like x-beam, figured tomography, Magnetic reverberation imaging. Figured tomography currently permits thorough appraisal of stomach and pelvic incendiary and irresistible procedures, impediment, tumor discovery and organizing, and show of vasculature and limit injury impacts. Barium investigations of the gastrointestinal tract, enteroclysis for little entrail appraisal, and customary radiography still have a part, in spite of the broad utilization of fiberoptic endoscopy. Fluoroscopy is as yet vital, yet incredible advances in innovations have changed gastrointestinal radiology unavoidably.
•   Twofold Bubble Radiology
•    Fetal Ultrasound
•    CT colonography (virtual colonoscopy)
•    Pneumatosis cystoides intestinalis
•    Duodenal Atresia

Session 19:  Gastric Nutrition

Nutrition is the study of nutrients in food, how the body uses nutrients, and the relationship between diet, health, and disease. Sustenance and intestinal limit are by and by interrelated. The focal inspiration driving the gut is to process and hold supplements with a particular ultimate objective to care forever. Nutrition has become more focused on metabolism and metabolic pathways (biochemical steps) through which substances inside the body are transformed from one form to another. A very?low calorie diet (VLCD) is a clinically supervised diet plan that involves eating about 800 calories a day or fewer which prevents Gastrointestinal disorders. Nutrition also focuses on how diseases, conditions, and problems can be prevented with a healthy diet. Probiotics have many advantages such as reducing gastrointestinal discomfort, improving immune health and in relieving constipation. Dietary enzymes and Single cell proteins can be used as supplements. The term probiotic is currently used to name ingested microorganisms associated with benefits for humans and animals. Probiotics are microorganisms that provide health benefits when consumed. With the change of momentum frameworks of dietary help, the hopelessness and mortality related with endless GI disease can be lessened. 

•   Liver Biopsies and Calorimetry

•   Gastroenterology Diets

•   Gastroesophageal Reflux Diet

•   Gastroparesis Diet

•   Gluten Free Diet

•   High Fiber Diet

•   High Or Low Iron Diet

•   Lactose Free Diet

Session 20: Hepatology

Hepatology is the branch of medication that circuits the examination of liver, gallbladder, biliary tree, and pancreas and furthermore organization of their issue. Though generally considered a sub-specialty of gastroenterology, snappy augmentation has driven in a couple of countries to pros rehearsing solely on this area, who are called hepatologists.people have been polluted with hepatitis B contamination.U p to 80% of liver tumours can be credited to either hepatitis B or hepatitis C disease. 

•   Gastrointestinal Bleeding

•   Ascites

•   Hydatid Cyst

•   Kala Azar

•   Schistosomiasis

•   Hepatocellular Carcinoma

•   Hepatic Encephalopathy

•   Peripheral Edema

•   CT Scan

•   Magnetic Resonance Imaging

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Related Societies and associations: World Gastroenterology Organisation | The National Pancreas Foundation | European Association for the Study of the Liver (EASL) | North American Society for Paediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology, and Nutrition | The American Gastroenterological Association | 

Market analysis

Gastrointestinal (GI) or Gastroenterology is the branch of solution identified with the GI tract  stomach and digestive organs) and the extra organs of processing (from the mouth to the rear-  end). A portion of the conditions treated under this forte incorporate yet are not restricted to: Crohn's sickness, gastroesophageal reflux ailment (GERD), fiery inside ailment, bad tempered gut disorder, peptic ulcer ailment, celiac ailment, colon disease, indigestion, gastric malignancy, diverticulitis, and ulcerative colitis.

While a significant number of these diseases are ceaseless and must be dealt with restoratively, more all encompassing and regular methodologies are being utilized all the more much of the time to avert and oversee gastrointestinal disarranges. Numerous medicinal services suppliers are prescribing pressure administration, a sound eating regimen, and exercise to forestall and oversee manifestations.

Scope and importance: The fundamental point of the statistical surveying is to build the attention to gastrointestinal scatters among individuals and to distinguish the gastrointestinal market scene and in addition critical progressions. . Irresistible gastrointestinal sicknesses are additionally ending up progressively hard to analyze because of the expanding dispersal of among microorganisms and the development of the purported 'superbugs'. Mulling over these issues, the requirement for novel therapeutics is basic.This examination investigations different helpful choices as of now available and additionally potential items and classes of items that are probably going to significantly affect the future for the solution and also the over-the-counter (OTC) gastrointestinal medication markets. The gastrointestinal market is one of the key restorative regions most altogether influenced by the bland disintegration of piece busters.             



Global market : The worldwide market for gastrointestinal turmoil therapeutics and diagnostics came to $49.6 billion of every 2015. This market is relied upon to develop from almost $51.8 billion of every 2016 to $63.8 billion of every 2021 at a compound yearly development rate of 4.3% from 2016-2021.

According to the exploration report, the worldwide gastrointestinal medications showcase is foreseen to be worth US$61.1 billion by 2024. By sedate class, corrosive neutralizers section not drove before, but rather is additionally anticipated that would stay in the main position in the coming years.

As far as geological districts, the Americas will represent just about 55% of the aggregate pieces of the pie by 2020 and will likewise be the real income supporter of the gastrointestinal therapeutics showcase all through the estimate time frame. The rising acknowledgment of biologics and the presentation of human services changes by different nations in the district will increase the market's development prospects in the following four years

North America held 41% of the market in 2016. Europe has likewise been seeing solid development and is foreseen to keep being an alluring area for gastrointestinal medications showcase. "The rise of biosimilars for treating provocative inside illnesses will likewise be a key development driver for the market in Europe. Be that as it may, Asia Pacific is evaluated to be the locale with most extreme open doors for development in the coming years. The developing speculations and subsidizing in the field of life science examine and propelled treatments for the treatment of gastrointestinal maladies in creating countries, for example, China and India will fuel the development of the Asia Pacific market.

Organizing Committee
OCM Member
Iftikhar Ahmed
Hon. Senior Clinical Lecturer, Gastroenterology
University of Southampton
London, United Kingdom
OCM Member
El-Hadary HF
Director of Rheumatology Department Dar El foaud hospital
Kasr El- Ainy, School of Medicine, Cairo University, Egypt
cairo, Egypt
OCM Member
Dr.Vikas Leelavati Balasaheb Jadhav
Dr.D.Y.Patil University, Pune, Maharashtra, India
Mumbai, India
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